Stay on top with Fishin Magician Skid Stik, the original skidding lure.
Bass and Skid Stik
5 inch packaged Skid Stik
4 inch packaged Skid Stik Bucktail treble hook

Above: 5" and 4" packaged Skid Stiks.
Right: Bucktail treble hook.
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The Skid Stik is manufactured using state of the art plastic resins and molding processes with strict quality control including tank testing, leak testing, and pull force testing. Each lure is consistently and optimally weighted using steel balls for optimum balance, long easy casting, and consistent top water performance. The weighting system also serves as a game fish attracting rattle. The Skid Stik floats so the lure doesn't have to be worked hard and if it's separated from the fishing line the bouyant Skid Stik can be easily retrieved from boat or kayak. Realistic paint schemes, lifelike eyes, and quality hook hardware make the Skid Stik a great fishing value.

The Skid Stik is available in three sizes, the saltwater 5 inch, 3/4 ounce model; the saltwater 8 inch, 2.5 ounce model; and the freshwater 4 inch, 1/2 ounce model.

The 5 inch and 8 inch Skid Stiks are ideal for bay and ocean fishing from beach, boat or kayak and are available in 14 (5 inch) and 9 (8 inch) fish attracting colors for the pursuit of a variety of game fish including Striped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish, Redfish, Snook, and Tuna. more info...

The 4 inch Skid Stik is the right choice for exciting freshwater surface action. It's available in 5 colors that Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and other freshwater gamefish can't resist.
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Bucktail Hooks
Individually packaged high quality Bucktail hooks are also available.