Stay on top with Fishin Magician Skid Stik, the original skidding lure.

What Customers Say...

Eric Lee - Plymouth, Massachusetts
For years I used Shiners to live bait fish for Largemouth Bass. I was getting good results but that type of fishing was losing it's fun factor. On a dare I tried the 4 inch Skid Stik in the Yellow Perch color and after a short learning curve I started to get very good results both in quantity and size for Largemouth Bass. The top water fishing experience with the Skid Stik was a blast and now I fish with it whenever I can. I don't miss the cost of shiners and size D batteries for the live bait aerator. I even caught a nice 16 inch Brook Trout last fall on the Rainbow Trout color Skid Stik. Big Pickeral are a sucker for the Skid Stik.
Mark Johnson - Falmouth, Massachusetts
I had been using my kayak as a fishing platform for a few years on local harbors and bays while using different lures and techniques for Striped Bass and Bluefish. The lures have ranged from softbaits, swimming plugs, jigs, metals, and top water poppers. I settled on using topwater poppers because I was fishing in fairly shallow water and also seemed to receive more feedback from the topwater lures as evidenced by the follows, swirls, and missed strikes from Striped Bass. In the very least I knew the fish were down there as opposed to an unseen fish looking at my swimming plug three feet under the water but not striking it. It was frustrating to see how many big, finicky fish would not quite commit to eating those topwater lures. Last Spring my friend gave me a different looking top water lure called the Skid Stik to try. It popped and sprayed nicely but also had the side to side motion of some of the "walk the dog" lures. Using it I still got my share of missed strikes and swirls but these close misses were from fish that had more serious intent. My hook-up percentage seemed to go up and more fish bombed the lure. I've had many hook-ups on nice fish just a couple of feet away from the kayak after the fish had followed the lure. The Skid Stik raises fish from rocky structure and sandy bottoms in shallow or moderately deep water and really turns on fishes' appetites.