Stay on top with Fishin Magician Skid Stik, the original skidding lure.

Fishin Magician Pro Staff

Captain John Curry
Captain John Curry has over 30 years experience fishing the waters of Cape Cod, Rhode Island and the Florida Gulf Coast. The owner/guide of Capefishing LLC (, John grew up summering on Cape Cod and gained firsthand knowledge of game fish migration patterns and locations. John attended college in Vermont and lived there for many years while continuing his own migration each spring to the salty coast. Having fished for stripers, blues, tuna and various bottom fish using traditional north east methods, John prefers light tackle fishing and is an accomplished fly fishing guide. Having the need to be on the water all year John will be offering his guiding services on Florida’s Gulf Coast starting this November. His insight and experience on baitfish patterns, John will be instrumental in helping us develop new products in the near future. Professional accomplishments include a recent Top Angler award honors in the 2013 Falmouth Grand Prix Tournament. He holds a USCG 6-Pack, Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement and a 50-Ton master License issued by the USCG. Captain John Curry can be reached at:

Brent Kruger
Brent Kruger is The Fishin' Magician®. He is a professional fishing guide with over 25 years experience based in Kenora, Ontario, Canada. Brent specializes in Musky, Pike, Bass, Walleye, Crappie and Lake Trout fishing. Brent was also a tournament pro angler, freelance outdoor writer, and a TV and Radio fishing tips host. He has written the fishing report in the Kenora Enterprise newspaper for the Lake of the Woods and Winnipeg River System for the past ten years. During the last year and a half Brent has assisted in the design of the Fishin' Magician eight inch Skid Stiks including the internal weight system, fishing techniques refinement, and has provided input for bait fish color patterns for Musky and Northern Pike fishing. Brent joins the Fishin' Magician Pro Staff following his evaluation of the Skid Stik lures in the Lake of the Woods and Winnipeg River. Brent was impressed with the Skid Stik's detailed color, unique lure action, over-all quality and resulting catches of Bass, Pike and Musky using the lures. Brent is looking forward to the Spring fishing season and contributing to the promotion of Fishin' Magician lures in Canada. His expertise in bait fish patterns, fishing techniques, and new product development will be invaluable to the future of Fishin' Magician Lures. Visit Brent's web site at: